From The Editor

“Just what the world needs, another wedding blog…”

You’re planning a wedding, you’re up to your bridal eyeballs in Pinterest boards and burlap and you’ve just stumbled across Valley Brides.  You scan your eyes across the homepage and think to yourself, “just what the world needs, another wedding blog…”.  Believe me, I hear ya sister! Which is why I have made it my life’s work, nay my life’s mission, to bring something genuinely different.  Valley Brides is the Thames Valley’s first and only local wedding blog.  Although there will be fabulous content for brides anywhere in the world, the vast majority of our features will be for brides here, in Berkshire, Hampshire and Oxfordshire, exclusively.

“Okay, I’m listening…you’ve got ten seconds to sell it to me…”

Valley Brides is going to be the single most useful wedding planning resource for anyone getting married in the Thames Valley.  When you visit Valley Brides, you will recognise the venues from your local area.  You’ll see engagements shot in your own towns and villages and you’ll find vendor spotlights featuring professionals you could actually book (as opposed to those on the other side of the country or – gasp! – the other side of the world). Everything on the site is just for you.


As it develops, I’d genuinely be delighted to hear your feedback on the the site, your suggestions for features and your questions about planning your Thames Valley wedding.  This blog is here for you and I’d love it to be exactly what you need.  Keep in touch, drop me a line and join in…let’s get this party started…