Top 5 questions to ask before you book a wedding photographer

As hard as it is to imagine right now, my newly engaged friends, there is going to come a day when all your planning, preparation and dreaming becomes a reality.  And on that day, you will have the most amazing time!  It will pass in a whirl of exciting, heart-fluttering lovliness and yes, you will have a brand new hubby on your arm, a ring on your finger and, very likely, a new name to sign.  But what else?  What else will there be to support that reliving of those precious few hours when your world was as close to perfect as it is possible to be?  The simple answer is – the photographs.  Your dress may be stored in the attic, your flowers pressed, your jewellery reworn, but nothing will come within touching distance of what those images of your day will mean to you. Yup folks, those images are pretty darn important!

Email attachment pictureWith this in mind, we invited one of our favourite, most lovely local photographers, Hannah McClune, to share her top 5 questions to ask before you book your wedding photographer…

1. What is their photographic style?

Browse Pinterest, flick through some magazines and see what you are drawn to. Is it the photographs that are light and airy or do you prefer the darker atmospheric images? Do you like editorial styling or prefer a more candid approach? Once you know what type of photographs you would like, it will help you to narrow down your selection of photographers.

2.  Do they take consistently good photographs?

This sounds obvious, but do not just look at their portfolio which will naturally only represent their best photographs or may be dominated by styled shoots which are very different to the demands of a real wedding.   Ask to take a look at an album or online gallery which tells the story of just one couples day, or ask to see all the photographs from their last wedding.   Also, try to look at photographs in different lighting; can they take good shots in a dim church, with groups inside if it is raining, in bright midday light or outside when it gets dark?


3.  Do you get on well with them?

This could easily  be question one –  you’re going to be spending most of your day with your photographer and, if they irritate you, you’re definitely not going to be looking your happiest in the pictures.  Try to meet face to face before you book them. Once you do book them, an engagement session is a great way to get to know each other even better and experience what it is like to be photographed by them.

4.  Do they have a backup plan?

When I chat through this bit at a consultation, I often see the couples eyes glaze over- dull I know, but I really do think it is super important to know about the gear your photographer uses. Do they have back up cameras? How many lenses do they have on the day? It is so so important to know any camera issues are not going to impact on your photographs.

Whilst we are on a dull topic you should also double check insurance, in fact every wedding supplier you work with should have decent insurance cover and many venues ask to see our certificates!

5.  Do your expectations match?

My final question is, do your expectations match what the photographer will deliver? Make sure you understand what they mean by ‘full day of coverage’, how long your photos will take to arrive, if an album is included and how many photographers will be shooting… there are lots of things to know and it is way better to ask now and be sure that there are no surprises later on down the road.

So there you have it folks, a round up of some vital questions to ask your photographer before you sign on the dotted line!  Have you booked your photographer yet?  If so, what was it that helped make your decision?

(Photo credit: All Hannah McClune Photography)

hannah-profileSpecial thanks to today’s guest contributor, award-winning wedding photographer, Hannah McClune, of Hannah McClune Photography.  We are very excited to feature more of Hannah’s beautiful work in the coming weeks, including Zoe and Richard’s romantic Taplow House wedding, coming very soon…

You can find out more about Hannah’s work at and visit her at


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