5 Cute & Quirky Ideas For Your Flower Girls & Page Boys

There’s something undeniably cute about having your ‘mini mes’ herald your wedding entrance, and with today’s ideas there are plenty of options beyond the traditional petal throwing.  From beautiful calligraphy signs to wagons and balloons – don’t be afraid to be original and inject your own personality into your wedding entrance, afterall, its the biggest first impression you’ll ever make!:)

1. Signs

Whether rustic, hand lettered burlap, or elegant cotton adorned with calligraphy, it’s easy to personalise the perfect sign for your little ones to carry.


2.  Balloons

We love the look of large, pastel balloons, which have the added bonus of keeping the littles entertained after the ceremony – have you ever met a child who didn’t love a balloon? 😉


3. Wands

Inject a little fairy magic into your ceremony by designing pretty flower girl wands  – think fresh flowers, ribbons and anything with a little sparkle!


 4. Pets

Would you love to include your pet in your wedding but not sure how?  If your littles are comfortable around your pet, why not let the walk him/her down the aisle for off-the-scale cuteness!


5.  A Wagon

If your chosen flower girls and page boys are not yet confident walkers, or if they are a little too nervous to walk down the aisle independently, a beautifully adored wagon can be a great way to include them in proceedings.

flower-girl-wagonIf today’s ideas have inspired you to get creative with the littlest members of your wedding party, we’d love to hear your ideas! Join the conversation below or visit us on Facebook…


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