How to avoid Pinterest pitfalls when planning your wedding

Let’s be honest, most of us were dreaming about our weddings even before we started secondary school, and I’d hazard a guess that almost all of us had a secret wedding pinterest board before we were even engaged!  There’s no doubt that Pinterest has changed the face of wedding planning for the better (not to mention saved brides a small fortune on wedding magazines) but it is also very easy to get lost under the endless mountains of glitter, tulle and prettiness and end up feeling totally overwhelmed by your options.  Today we are taking an honest look at the best ways to use (and not use) Pinterest when planning your wedding.


1. Remember who you are

Pinterest makes it so easy to get swept up in gorgeous details and design – pinning like a crazy woman as our wedding-magpie eyes get attracted to one pretty thing after another.  Remember not to get so swept along that you forget that your wedding day is about the two of you.  Don’t be swayed by a current trend for rustic barns, if you are a high glamour girl who has always dreamed of getting married in an elegant castle.  You only get one shot at this – don’t be so influenced by Pinterest that you end up looking back on your wedding images wishing you had injected more of your own personalities on your day.  Your guests love you and will also love those personal touches that reflect who you really are.

2. Use Pinterest for inspiration not a blueprint

Believe us, as wedding bloggers we can assure you that everything on Pinterest is not quite as it seems!  Make sure you’re not setting yourself an impossible task by obsessing over the Pinterest perfection which has very likely resulted from the very best few images from a real wedding and/or a highly controlled editorial photo shoot.  A LOT of the most popular wedding pins on Pinterest stem from styled shoots, published either by magazines or blogs.  At Valley Brides, we LOVE styled shoots, and even have some of our own in the planning pipeline, but always remember that these are designed to inspire elements of your wedding, rather than provide a blueprint.


3. Keep your location, budget and season in mind

Pin, pin, pin to your heart’s content, because it’s not only helpful to your planning process, it’s a whole lot of fun!  When it gets to the point of narrowing down your search, however, it is so important to keep these three elements in mind.   A great deal of pin-worthy wedding content stems from the USA, which influences a lot of what you see, from the florals and venues to the light in which photographs are taken.  If you find yourself pinning images which are brimming with florals, remember that you will need to marry in the right season for your chosen blooms and that filling your venue with gorgeous, large displays will take a significant chunk of your wedding budget.  Again, taking those elements that you love and interpreting them in a way which suits your venue, personality, season and budget will prevent disappointment and ensure your wedding is everything you hope for.


4.  Find inspiration in a variety of places

While it’s easy to find inspiration amongst the seemingly infinite Pinterest wedding boards, remember that there is a whole world of inspiration our there.  Try exploring couture fashion or interiors boards for colours and shapes or even pick up a wedding magazine or two for some original content – remember to focus on developing your own vision and style.

5. Use secret boards

Eventually, you’ll want to start narrowing down your choices ready to share your vision with your wedding suppliers (without exception, all the suppliers we meet here at Valley Brides find a shared vision board useful for working with their brides!).  The secret board is a perfect way of sharing your final ideas and inspiration with those who need to see them, as well as a chance to narrow down your focus and create a cohesive vision of concrete ideas.


6.  Dare to be different

Pinterest can make us believe that there are unwritten rules of wedding style – like there is a big mythical competition to create the most pin-worthy wedding and like we are failing if we don’t.  With the inevitable stress of planning a wedding, it can be all too easy to feel the self-inflicated pressure of perfection.  Remember, however, that trends fade and change over the years (just look back at some photographs of weddings in the 1980s to see this!) and that your own big idea or personal style will date much more kindly because it was genuinely who you are.   Don’t be affaid to be different, to really think about your own style and preferences and to be confident enough to make them a big part of your day.

7.  Keep it in perspective

Your wedding really is your day and it’s one of the best days you will ever have.  Let us reassure you, lovely readers, that there really is no competition, there is no need to be perfect or ‘Pinable’.  There is only the two of you and the celebration of your love.  Everything else is just the frosting on top.






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